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Our drivers are willing to make recommendations about finding hotels and restaurants inside and outside Athens. They may also suggest museums and sights worth visiting and guide you through your shopping and points of interest with night life in Athens.

Transfers in Athens

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  • Athens - Airport "El. Venizelos"

    Athens International Airport, known as "Eleftherios Venizelos", is the primary international airport in Attika, serving the greater Athens area and the International port of Piraeus and also functions as the principal international air hub for continuing flights to the greatest portion of all of Greece's islands. It is the largest and busiest airport in Greece, handling a total of some 19-million passengers annually. It has won many awards, among them the "2015 Airport of the Year Award" in the 10-30-million passenger category.

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  • Athens - Piraeus Port

    Piraeus Port lies along the eastern edge of the Saronic Gulf and is located in the metropolitan region known as Attica. Piraeus Port is the main port of Greece and, indeed, is ranked the largest passenger port in Europe. The Port of Piraeus is the second busiest passenger port worldwide, serving roughly 20-million passengers annually.

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  • Athens - Lavrio Port

    The Port of Lavrio is located in the southeastern part of the metropolitan area of Attica, fronted onto the Aegean Sea. It is a newly established port, which expects to soon supersede the Port of Rafina, the present port to the Aegean located just north of Lavrio. Today, the Port of Lavrio serves ferry travel to the Cycladic Islands and to some of the northeastern Aegean Islands.

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  • Athens - Rafina Port

    Rafina Port is the second busiest port of Greece, after the port of Piraeus and is located on the eastern coast of Attica. It lies on the Aegean Sea and serves ferries to Cycladic islands and the southern part of Euboea during the summer period.

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  • Athens - Sightseeing 4hour

    During this self-selected tour itinerary, the driver will pick you up and drop you off at any start-end point of your choosing. Recommendations for places to visit, eat and enjoy your coffee can also be provided by your driver.

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  • Athens - Sightseeing 8hour

    During this 8-hour self-selected itinerary and tour about Athens, the driver will drive you in any place you select to visit. Recommendations for museum choices, restaurants and coffee/drink places will be provided by the driver, to make your touring carefree, most relaxing and highly memorable.

Mini Private Tours

One Day Tours

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  • Athens - Meteora

    Meteora is one of Greece's biggest and most significant enclaves of Eastern Orthodox monasteries. It includes six monasteries, built on natural sandstone pillars of geologic marvel, at the foot of the Pindus Mountains, which themselves were formed about 60-million years ago and which create a unique ,natural setting with truly breathtaking views.

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  • Athens - Ancient Olympia

    Ancient Olympia is a sanctuary of ancient Greece located on the Peloponnesian peninsula. It is where the Olympic Games took place throughout the era of Classical Antiquity. With a long history of religious activity and much more, ancient Olympia is well worth visiting and an very intriguing place to personally experience.

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  • Athens - Delphi

    Delphi, one of Greece's most famous historical destinations, is both a modern town of Greece, and an archaeological site as well, located on the southwestern spur of Mount Parnassus. A place where great myths, the Pythian Games and the foundation of several past Greek colonies, Delphi has truly earned her moniker as the virtual "navel of the world."

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  • Athens - Argolis

    Argolis belongs to the region of Peloponnese and it is part of the tripoint area of Corinthia, Argolis and Arcadia. It is the primary source of oranges and olives in Greece, due to its fertile ground. There you can visit important historic destinations such as Epidaurus, Nauplion and Mycenae.

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